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#Manu Memorial Hospital has the world’s best doctor, trained medical and non-medical staff to get their patients acclimated!!

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Manu Memorial Hospitals welcomes you!!

We are Manu Memorial Hospital – a place to take care of everyone’s health. We have the world’s best doctors and experienced staff to take care of your health and health-related services.

We are currently operating in Gurugram and Hansi with well equipped with multi-specialty staff and technology. We are best known to provide treatment for health ailments including fistula, fissure, pilonidal sinus, hernia, etc. We are even known in all over the city for a specialist in gynecology services.

In Gurugram, Hansi and nearby cities, we are well known for our exceptional care unit, Emergency, and CriticalCare Unit, well-equipped lab, rescue vehicle, and medical store administrations.

We are proud of our world-class care and multi-skilled medical and non-medical staff. Our medical treatment and care services are beyond explanation. In India and abroad, we are known to have universally acclaimed Medicare facilities.

Extensive range of medical treatments are available

Being a nationally and internationally acclaimed hospital, we have managed to take care of various diseases and provide failproof solutions for all. Apart from the treatment of piles, fistula, and fissure, we also treat a patient with skin diseases and allergies, addiction, anorectal disorders, etc.

We also have expert doctors to provide advanced and conventional therapies for acute and chronic diseases.

Centrally located and accessibility to outstation patient

In Gurugram and Hansi, both, Manu Memorial Hospital is centrally located and well connected with all modes of transport. People who are from outstation can easily get their treatment done because the hospital lies in a developed area and it is well connected to nearby amenities.

The success of our hospital is because of our hospitable and skilled non-technical and technical staff, experienced and internationally acclaimed doctors and therapists, and clinical technicians.

We are working in the direction to provide the best medical treatment and assistance to our patients.

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Skin Care

Manu Memorial Hospitals is known for its propelling range of skin and dermatology treatments. We treat skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, skin break out, moles, melasma, keloids, etc.


Anorectal Disease

Manu Memorial Hospitals has specialist doctors to treat Anorectal disease with the help of modern medical technology and therapeutic innovation.


Sexual Problems

Manu Memorial Hospitals has expert doctors to treat sexual illness and complications like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of libido, Delayed Ejaculation and Monotony is sexual life due to Weakness.


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Centre of Excellent Medicare and Treatments


Manu’s Memorial Hospitals has a proven track record of treating fistula. In a recent survey, it has been nominated as one of the best hospitals in Gurugram and Hansi for treating Fistula complications with laser surgery.



Manu’s Memorial Hospitals has been a known hospital among patients for the treatment of all types of fissures. The hospital is adorned with Dr.Rrishiwho isthe best Surgeon in Gurugram for a fissure treatment and aftercare.



ManuMemorial Hospitals in Gurugram and Hansiis the renowned hospital for all women related issues whether it is Obstetrics or Pregnancy care. Dr. Pooja Yadav has earned a tag of prudentgynecologist available in Gurugram and its nearby area.



Manu Memorial Hospitals has treated more than thousands of patients suffering from a hernia. We have a specialist for treating all types of Hernia and perform surgery whether it is laser or operative. Even our team is bound to provide you aftercare until you are back to your healthy life.



Manu Memorial Hospitals has the authorization to perform operative and laser treatments for piles. We have Dr.Rrishi who is one of the specialists for piles treatment with immense expertise in handling normally to severe cases of piles.



ManuMemorial Hospitals in Gurugram has the best treatment for Pilonidal sinus. We have an experienced team under the guidance of Dr.RrishiThukral to perform both conventional (operative) and Laser therapy to remove the pilonidal cyst.



The satisfaction of treatment given by Manu Memorial Hospital has motivated our patients to write for us. Let us see what they say about us!!!

Suffering from Fistula for a few months, I was continually searching for a good hospital to treat the issue and let me live my usual life back. In the mid of contacting so many hospitals and specialists, I got to know about Manu Memorial Hospitals and Dr. Rishi Thukral. My visit came out to be fruitful, and I was recommended to get Fistulectomy done. After the successful surgery, I am back to my normal routine, and I am more than happy!

Pratap Singh

Suffering from fistula for five months, I have done all home remedies as suggested by people I met. However, they did provide me relief but not in the long run. Ultimately, I had to look for a better resort, and I met Dr.RrishiThukral at Manu Memorial Hospital. He treated me well and relieved the pain of several nights.

Inder Singh

Thinking of being operated isn’t comforting at all. That too, if you are suffering from second-grade hemorrhoid. However, friendly talk and proper guidance by Dr. Rishi Thukralboosted my confidence and took me out of the dilemma. He did sphincterotomy and IRC surgery on me, and now I feel better than ever before.