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Addiction Treatment by Manu’s Memorial Hospital

Manu Memorial Hospitals in gurugram is the best centers for addiction treatment. Doctors present in the hospital are kind and friendly, and hence they have earned a place in their patient’s mind and achieved patient’s satisfaction with their services. Up till now, they have won a lot of success via addiction treatments. The hospital offers best treatments against drug addiction, smoke addiction, and alcohol addiction.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a lifelong impairment of the brain, and it is the unplanned event occur in a person’s life. The person from any age group shows dependencies over certain drugs or substances, but youngsters are more susceptible for getting addicted. It means your body needs that particular material and the person unable to stop consumption of that specific addictive substance. As the time goes away, addiction makes changes in routine life like he/she fails to take proper decisions, the person may lose self-control, lack of emotional response and continuously desire for the addictive. And they don’t know how their behavior is making the difficulties of others.

Types of Addiction

Nowadays, millions of people are addicted to certain substances. Addictions are of three types as:

• Drug addiction
• Alcohol addiction
• Behavioral addiction

Among them, drug addiction and alcohol addiction are the widespread and severe addictions. Drug addictive person gets addicted to following materials like:

• Nicotine main ingredient in tobacco
• Heroin or narcotics, or certain painkiller medicines and cocaine
• Drugs used as stimulants

Behavioral addiction is the impulse control disorder and shows dependences for certain things. This person gets addicted to following things like:

• Food material
• Continuous use of the Internet
• Playing video games and much more


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Causes & Treatment

Causes of Addiction

Addictive substances cause physical and mental problems. Some person acquires addictions because of the brain.

• The brains frontal lobe stops the emotional reaction.
• Other regions of the brain like the anterior cingulate cortex and nucleus accumbens area develop the person’s rewards after exposure to addictive substances and alters the person’s behavior.
• Chemical changes in brain and mental disorders may be the reason for addiction.
• Repetitive and early exposure to addiction causing substances.
• Some genes are also responsible for increasing the likeness towards addiction.
• Surrounding environment and culture are the main factors.

Type of Treatments

At Manu Memorial Hospital doctors are delivering best anti-addiction treatments to their patient. Hospital treats addiction with Ayurvedic Addiction Treatment. They are helping their patients to solve the physical as well as the mental issues. The therapy helps the person to stay away from the drug or alcohol or the smoke. Addiction is a curable disease.

• Detoxification- is the first stage involves the withdrawal from the substance. It causes mental as well as physical problems. Some physical issues like nausea and vomiting, sweating, muscle pains, restlessness, alterations in heartbeats. And psychological effects like depression, nervousness, anger, and mood fluctuations. These signs last for few days. This treatment requires medical supervision and medicines to improve the discomfort.

• Long-Term Residential Treatment- The treatment aims to socialize the individual. Treatment concentrates on improving individual responsibility and capacity

• Behavioral therapy and counseling- These are essential factors of treatment

• Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat patients recognize, withdraw, and cope with conditions where they mostly prefer drugs or additives

• Motivational interviewing – it is used to recall people of their importance, to stop the drug usage

• Family therapy- Helps the patient to keep a supportive atmosphere with the family

• Rehabilitation – They are often required to help victims to recover the critical job and other skills

Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Instructions

• Improve your relational abilities to improve the relationships you have destroyed through the period of addiction
• Have a support from your family
• Take medicines exactly as prescribed
• Do not change medicines without consulting with your physician

Myths about Addiction

• Addictive people are sick and crazy
• Addiction is related to willpower
• Addict people should be punished for drug abuse
• Prescriptions are not required to treat addictions