Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment

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Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment Center Gurugram

Manu Memorial Hospitals, Gurugram is the best hospital in the Haryana performing laser treatment for proctology complexions. The hospital has specialized operational units and advanced technology for proper diagnosis of disease. The hospital provides laser treatments for Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus. Dr. Rishi is the best laser surgeons in Hansi, known to perform all types of surgeries. The Manu Memorial Hospital always take efforts to fulfill the patient’s requirements with ultimate and effective services due to this they have earned patients satisfaction.

What is LASER Treatment?

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). The laser light used in this technique penetrates the wound. Many experts use this ultra-modern Laser energy to cure multiple medical complications. The results produced by the laser are more accurate as the apparatus itself guides to manage the rays in a controlled manner. The main benefit of the laser is that it helps to cut only the injured tissues during the internal cleaning. The primary aim of this disinfection is to prevent further infection and recurrence of the same. Vaporization of the soft tissues by using Laser energy is another mode of surgery.

How does LASER Treatment work?

For tumor removal, an endoscope is used to assist the laser and observe the internal tissues of the body. While, in skin treatments or cosmetic purposes, lasers are directly applied to the skin.
One can use Laser treatments against many diseases like polyps, cancers or lumps, hair treatment, piles, fissure, fistula, kidney stones, gall-bladder stones, etc. and much more.

Piles or Hemorrhoids LASER Treatment

Laser energy penetrated directly into hemorrhoid nodes. General or local anesthesia is necessary to perform these operations. Use of laser shields the mucus and sphincter from damage. The application of laser blocks the unwanted blood supply and promotes the growth of the piles. The different surgeries carried out in this process supports tissue regeneration. In this operation, piles or hemorrhoid are removed by the shrinkage effect. This method also inhibits the recurrence or reoccurrence of prolapse.


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Laser treatment is favored by many as compared to the conventional surgery method due to some reasons like:

• It gives quick discharge from hospital
• Fast recovery process
• It does not induce Stenosis
• It involves no pain any fewer scars
• It is safe and reduces the chances of recurrence

Fistula LASER Treatment

The process intends to eliminate the fistula tract without breaking the sphincter muscle. The procedure is under the effect of General Anesthesia and takes less time to finish the surgery. A radially emitting Laser Fibre is allowed to insert from the outside. A limited amount of laser energy penetrates the fistula tract. The laser energy causes the photothermal elimination of the fistula tract that is creating a collapse.

Pilonidal Sinus LASER Treatment

A laser is a fiber-optic device used to cure the Pilonidal cysts. This method provides for complete healing of all types wound without excision. It does not require massive tissue removal.

The process carried out after the ultrasound examination of the Pilonidal Cyst. Laser beam seals the wounds. Two laser beams are used to remove the hairs. Then this area is sterilized and disinfected with the laser beam. It allows complete healing within two weeks.

Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions

Pre-Surgery Instructions

• Wear compression stockings
• Take precaution before eating food
• Take medications as per described
• Avoid alcohol intake and smoking
• Wear smooth and comfy garments
• Set up a person for your care

Post-Surgery Instructions

• Follow the physician’s instructions.
• Do simple physical exercise.
• Avoid swimming and hot tubs.
• Do not use rash or rash toilet paper.
• Plan a proper diet.

Comparison of Laser Treatment – Laser vs. Surgical Procedure

Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia /General Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Patient Hospital Stay 24 Hours 3-7 Days
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 3 Days 7 to 15 Days
Recurrence Low High
Complication Low High