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Obstetrics and Gynecology TreatmentCenter in Gurugram

Manu Memorial hospital, Gurugram has always been a benchmark to other hospitals in terms of rendering Gynecology and Obstetrics services to its patients. With efficient and highly skilled gynecologist, Dr. Pooja, it is by default the place to get all the female related issue treated.

Manu Memorial Hospital has the best gynecologist services

Manu Memorial Hospital has an epitome of services related to Obstetrics and Gynecology. Under the guidance of Dr.Pooja, we have advanced technology and modern technologies to treat women issues and health complications.

In the process to treat issues related to Gynecology and Obstetrics, our skilled staff and medical technician first go through the patient’s history and then do the required check-up. Diagnosis plays a vital role to deliver quality service for these two branches of biology.

After the diagnosis, we efficiently plan the treatment and remedial support.

Manu Memorial Hospital has uber class services for Obstetrics

Manu Memorial Hospital, Gurugram, and Hansi is the best hospital having expert obstetricians and experienced gynecologists to offer a comprehensive remedial solution to female issues in Haryana.

We have a well-equipped state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to perform diagnosis and therapeutic treatment including ultrasound, laparoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy-related issues like infertility, etc.

The exclusive services related to this domain are mentioned below;

• Pregnancy and Pre-natal Counselling and Treatment

This is the phase where pregnancy is predicted, and a woman is made ready to bear multiple changes during the phase. With experienced staff and acclaimed doctors, Manu Memorial Hospital helps women to take care of the prenatal phase and complications related to mental and physical wellbeing.

Apart from medication and remedial solutions, we also provide counseling to would-be mother and its family.

• Post Pregnancy Treatment and Assistance

As the pre-pregnancy period is of epitome importance, similarly, the post-pregnancy period is also full of complications to be taken care of properly. For Post Pregnancy period, Manu Memorial Hospitals has trained doctors and staff to render comprehensive management for delivery, surgeries related to delivery like C-Section, Normal delivery and deliveries with a high level of complications.

How do our doctors perform delivery?

As doctors at Manu Memorial Hospitals have a full report pregnant woman, they plan the treatment and start the process for painless delivery.

• During this process, the patient is injected with Epidural Anesthesia to reduce labor pain.

• Doctors perform Obstetric Ultrasound to produce clear images of embryo placement to carry on the procedure. Ultrasound is done to avoid any injury to the baby.

• Later, when the baby is delivered, newbie mother and new-born baby, both are kept under observation for routine Obstetrical Care.

Manu Memorial Hospitals is a popular name in Gurugram for its Gynecology services

In Physiology, Gynecology is the branch dealing with functions and treatments related to diseases specific to girls and women, especially complications which are associated with the reproductive system.

As the women anatomy is a bit different than men’s, the health issues and complications are slightly different too.

Some of the issues which require special care are;

• Uterine Fibroids

• Endometriosis Adenomyosis

• Ovarian Cysts

• Menstrual Disorders


Benefits of accessing gynecology services of Manu Memorial Hospital

• Our treatment includes the study of women organs, tissues, and Hormones.
• We strive to provide proper care and well-being to women who come to us.
• We extend our full support and care during the prenatal phase and after post childbirth.
• Our staff and doctors are well trained to handle pregnancy, delivery, and childbirth.
• We also handle issues related to genital problems and relative medical care.

Manu Memorial Hospital is packed with a variety of tools and technologies

We strive to upgrade our technology and laboratory tools to meet the extraordinary demand of the market. We have below listed tools to perform treatment and diagnosis.

• Colposcopy:  It is used for the proper analysis of the internal organs of women like cervix, uterus, vagina, etc.

• Laparoscopy and Laser Surgery:  Laparoscopy is used to provide a better picture of internal organs or women, and Laser surgery is used for removal cyst, lymph, etc.

• Endoscopy:  Endoscopy is used to take a proper view of internal organs and perform the operation.

• Ultrasound Imaging:  Ultrasound Imaging is used to click clear images of internal organs like ovary, etc.

We have a CT scan, MRI and X-ray facilities as well.

Treatments and Surgeries related to Gynecology at Manu Memorial Hospitals

Manu Memorial Hospitals has a considerable list of satisfactory patients because of our experienced doctors and hospitable staff. Our services are mouth-publicized by our patients who have got treated by Dr. Pooja, a well-known Gynecologist in Gurugram and Hansi.

People are highly convinced with the diagnosis and treatments of Dr. Pooja as she provides proper consultation regarding all treatment and health condition. She has excelled in the field of Obstetrics, infertility treatment, gynecology, delivery, and labor handling.

Dr. Pooja is also specialized in handling female issues like Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, and Tubal disease. She manages the treatment both ways, by traditional method and laser.

Some surgeries and operative treatment that we do at the hospital are;

• Advanced Operative Gynecologic Surgery

• Laparoscopy and Laser Surgery

• Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Ablation

• Infertility (Its evaluation and treatment)

• Ultrasound Imaging

• Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

• Treatment of Cervical Dysplasia

So, if you have so many services available at Manu Memorial Hospital then why search for others.

Get your appointment done and visit the hospital. You will feel confident after meeting our expert doctors and polite staff!!!